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A Unique Church in the Greater Williamsport Area

Grace Life Fellowship, a church located in Williamsport, PA, offers people a chance to become part of something greater. To grow in their love for God and for one another within our community. To reach out to others with the love of Christ. To experience joy, purpose and meaning through relationships and finding their special place in ministry.

We believe that in the pages of the Bible we find God's truth, and the New Testament holds guidance for how Christians are called to live in everything we do. Our foundation is Jesus Christ. Get in touch today or come and visit us in person for more info.

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At Grace Life Fellowship, we pursue the Glory of God

through worship, ministry, practical biblical teaching

and life sharing. We connect with Jesus and each other in order to magnify His Name. At the heart of everything we do is the goal of changed lives as we experience the transforming work of the Holy Spirit through grace.

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Many churches have long and complicated “doctrinal statements”, detailing all the specific positions their members must adopt.  We respect and uphold the privilege of every church to decide its own requirements for membership--but in Grace Life, we approach it differently.  We don’t want to divide genuine Christians over issues of individual conviction, and we don’t want to straight-jacket any point of view that can develop and mature.  So our core beliefs are simple.  First, we believe that Jesus Christ was and is both God and Man, the fullness of Deity in human flesh.  Second, we believe that having a relationship with God (often referred to as “salvation”) is possible only through trust in the blood of Jesus, totally of God’s grace and totally apart from any human efforts to earn that relationship.  And third, we believe that everything else should be worked out together on the basis of God’s Word and in the environment of genuine affection and biblical unity.  If you have any questions about our beliefs on these core issues or any other topics, feel free to get in touch.

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