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I'm New

We're glad you're here to check us out. Grace Life Fellowship is a small group of people just like you, with the same problems and challenges, who have found some real answers.


How will you know if Grace Life is a church for you, one where you can put your spiritual roots down and grow? Watch our introduction video below to hear a little bit about who we are, and if you'd like to learn more, get in touch for some free info. Take care now.


Visiting a new church can be a little uncomfortable, but knowing what to expect can be helpful. So what does it look like on Sunday morning in Grace Life?

* At 10:00am, we have a sharing time when anyone is free to pick a song from our list and share a

    little bit about the theme for the day if they'd like.

*Around 10:40am, we have a short snack break.

*At 11:00am, we have a teaching time from the Bible

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