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​​Well, here’s what we’re not:  we’re not an organization or club.  Simply put, we’re a group of Christians--"Christian" meaning we have a friendship with God because of Jesus.  So it’s not about just getting together on Sundays. We’re like a family, all week long.  People who care about each other and take care of each other, all week long.  That’s why meeting on Sunday resembles a family reunion, not a religious ceremony.  We get together to learn, to share, to celebrate and grow.​

​​​Many churches have long and complicated “doctrinal statements”, detailing all the specific positions their members must adopt.  We respect and uphold the privilege of every church to decide its own requirements for membership--but in Grace Life, we approach it differently.  We don’t want to divide genuine Christians over issues of individual conviction, and we don’t want to straight-jacket any point of view that can develop and mature.  So our core beliefs are simple.  First, we believe that Jesus Christ was and is both God and Man, the fullness of Deity in human flesh.  Second, we believe that having a relationship with God (often referred to as “salvation”) is possible only through trust in the blood of Jesus, totally of God’s grace and totally apart from any human efforts to earn that relationship.  And third, we believe that everything else should be worked out together on the basis of God’s Word and in the environment of genuine affection and biblical unity.  If you have any questions about our beliefs on these core issues or on other topics, please feel free to get in touch.

What we believe

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Who Grace Life is
reality, not religion 

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Grace is between God and His People and between the People of God.

What's important to us

Well, here’s what isn’t  important to us: formality and ritual.  Those may be fine for other good churches, and we’re not being comparative--but our emphasis is on New Covenant life.  What’s important to us is learning, changing, developing close and meaningful relationships, becoming everything God designed us to be.  What’s important to us is growing in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.  What’s important to us is pleasing Him.