There’s a fascinating imagery used in the Bible to describe the church.  It’s the word “Body”, the same word God used there for the human physical being.  God’s point is that just as your human body works--many parts functioning in harmony together for the common good--so is the Body of Christ supposed to work.  In other words, we need each other.  That’s what the Bible says.

And the best context to watch that happen is when the parts of the Body get together.  The meetings of the church weren’t designed to look like a sports game, with professionals doing the work and the rest of us spectating.  No, the meetings of God’s People are the ideal occasion to observe the Body in action: everyone having opportunity to participate, functioning in harmony for the common good.  That’s why Grace Life calls our Sunday gathering a “Body meeting”, because that’s exactly what it is: a time for the Body to work together.

So what should you expect?  You’ll see an environment of singing and sharing, when everyone gets to pick the songs. You’ll hear a teaching that speaks biblically and practically, enabling you to live what God says.  And you’ll experience a context of mutuality, the involvement of many for the well-being of the whole.  A Body meeting.  Why not check it out? It’s possible you’ve never witnessed anything like it before.

Is it time for some grace in your​  life?   

We do have other gatherings during the week, though, of a smaller and more personal nature: home groups for building authentic relationships, Bible studies for digging into what God says and how to see it happen in real life, and other types of get-togethers that might interest you.      

reality, not religion 

Grace is between God and His People and between the People of God.

What to expect on Sundays

Grace Life’s main meeting is on Sunday, starting at 10:00 AM in Callie Hall.  Rather than spreading various kinds of meetings across the week, we prefer to have one meeting that incorporates the important ingredients of being God’s People together: singing, sharing, learning, worshipping, using our spiritual gifts. 

Other meetings