Who are we?
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Grace Life Fellowship
reality, not religion 

Grace Life is a small group of people just like you, with the same problems and challenges, who have found some real answers. 

There's probably stuff you always wanted to know.  Go ahead, ask us.  We like questions.  And we think you’ll like our answers. 

Grace is between God and His People and between the People of God.

Ready for grace?

Lots of people are just going through the motions: no purpose, no real hope. You don’t need to be one of them.  Find out how.

Listen, we know there are many good churches here in the Williamsport region, and we care for them through prayer and pastoral connections.  Christians shouldn’t be in competition.  If you already belong to a church where you’re happy and growing, we strongly encourage you to stay there and to become an important part.  But if you’ve been restless in your relationship with God, if you’re not maturing in your spiritual walk, or if you just want to explore something more lasting than what you've experienced so far, check us out.  We may be what you’re looking for.

Is it time for some grace in your​  life?